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One of my favorite places in Seoul!

One of my favorite places in Seoul!

Memories from Paris

This is my first post here. I’ll use this blog for practicing my English too. I need. So, I want to begin write about travels.

Paris is a wonderful city, of course. We cannot talk a lot about Paris because all knows about it. But, I had an incredible opportunity: Make my birthday party (with very good friends) in Paris.




More snow

I remember my initial plan:  Stay in Paris for 4 days and go to Berlin, because I had tickets for an concert of Berlin Philharmonic in December, 11st (my birthday), but the air company canceled my ticket because of snow.

I think it was a great experience. We had two opposite situations, and We can look two people: one bad person and one good person.

In the first case, the man worked at the Louvre Museum (The most international place in the world, I think). But I forgot that people in France dislike to speak another language. Only French. When Nathália talked in English “We want buy tickets to the Museum”, He was very very very stupid with us. So, We bought the tickets with another attendant. In the same night (second case), We were lost, looking a subway map, when a old woman (very friendly) asked in English, Spanish and French if We needed help. She walked for one hour with us, and only after help us, she went home.

I think the world need more people as the old woman and less as the man of Louvre Museum.

Anyway, visit Paris is a great experience for all! 


Nath and me  

Eiffel tower